Arix diamond tool or Arrayed diamond tool

ARIX or Arrayed technology applied tools have features which have improved cutting speed by 30% and extended tool life by 100%

The utilization of ARIX technology, which allows diamond grits be evenly distributed among the metal powder of the bond in turn enables users to enjoy enhanced and uniform cutting efficiency.

Since the Arix or Arrayed technology is developping, our company (Hangzhou JDR Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.) will apply them to as following diamond tools and A series of Arix or arrayed diamond toolswill be coming one the Market for stone, and construction:

1. Diamond blades,or Diamond cutting discs silent or nonsilent

2. Diamond core drill bit or Diamond hole saws

3. Diamond cup wheels

4. Diamond grinding plate
arix diamond blade

Arix diamond saw blades

1.Diamond ARIX blade, 30% more cutting speed and 30% more cutting life! Different bond for cutting granite, marble, bricks, concrete, asphalt available. Size available: From 12" to 48"
2. Latest high technology in diamond saw blades.

Stone profile for Diamond profile wheel or diamond router bit

When we order the Diamond profile wheel or diamond router bit, we have to tell our supplies the shape or profile of stone such as granite,marble,tile. Then they can provide the correct diamond profile wheel or diamond router bit for the shaping work.
The following profile are popular:

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Pads

Vacuum Brazed diamond Pads are one of our patented products. With diamond coverage on the face, they are extremely with high efficiency. Velcro backed or rubber backer backed is in available. They have the ability to be used by wet or by dry. 

Vacuum Brazed Diamond core Drill Bits A

Diamond drill bits including our Monolayer Vacuum Brazed  Diamond Drill Bits and Multilayer Vacuum Brazed of Diamond Drill Bits are the best tools for drilling the hard brittle materials such as stone, glass and ceramics. To protect the drill bit wall worn out in drilling processes, we brazed several diamond strips on the outside surface, this drill bit called Brazed Wall Drill Bit.  Another kind of drill bit called Drum Grinder Drills Bit, which entire outside wall is brazed of diamond, thus the drill bit not only can be used for drilling hole but also used for grinding like a drum grinder.

CNC diamond finger bit Multilayer Vacuum Brazed

CNC diamond finger bits for milling granite, marble and other hard stones. Available in various shapes and sizes. (sintered  and segmented  or sintered with resin filling). Suggested RPM 4000, max RPM 7000
Multilayer Vacuum Brazed  Diamond Straight Finger Bit, 1/2" Gas

D(mm)L(mm)Product Number              节块式/Segmented斜置/sloped直置upright2550FIGSX2550FIGSZ2550

Diamond Tools for stone and engineering