What is diamond core drill bit or hole saws

What is diamond core drill bit or hole saws

Diamond core drill bits are one kind of diamond tools which are used in making holes on the stone,glass,concrete,tile, such as granite, marble,sandstone,green concrete

reinforcing steel bars(rebar),cured concrete,etc.

They can be classfied by making way as below:

1. Laser welded diamond core drill bit

2. Silver brazed diamond core drill bit

3. Electroplated diamond core drill bit or diamond coated diamond core drill bit

4. Vacuum Brazed diamond core drill bit
With different shank, they can be used on CNC machines such as 1/2" GAS,etc.

Electroplated diamond tools A

There are a long history for Electroplated diamond tools since they are very old diamond tools.

As the diamond is working materials for every application, the bond is Nickel which is holding diamond on the core. By using electroplating way for diamond tools, the explosure rate of diamond on the core is very high.

1)In this situation, the cutting speed is very fast than a lot of diamond tools. Also they can be any shape if we are willing to make diamond toolsby electroplating. They are the great advantage of electroplated diamond tools.

2)The working life is not good with compared with other diamond tools. It is the shortage of electroplated diamond tools.

Diamond Blade Operating Speeds

Dia. of diamond blade          Recommended Operating Speed (RPM)*           Maximum Safe Speed(RPM)**

4”                        9,072                                                                                 15,000

4-1/2”                 8,063                                                                                   13,300

5”                       7,257                                                                                   12,000

6”                        6,048                                                                                   10,185

7”                        5,184                                                                                    8,730

8”                       4,536                                                                                     7,640

9”                       4,032                                                                                     6,790

10”                     3,629                  …

Types of Diamond blades by manufacturing method

Diamond blades are catalogued by manufacturing method:

1.Electroplated diamond blade

Diamonds are electroplated onto the metal blade base. Electroplated diamond blades can be made to be very thin. The thickness of the blade can be tens of microns and can be used in precise cuttings. Actually, the Bond is Nickel.

2.Vacuum Brazed diamond blade

Synthetic diamond particles are welded to the outside edge of the circular saw blade via a vacuum brazing furnace. All of the diamond particles are on the exterior cutting edge of the blade, with no metal/diamond mixture. When using a vacuum brazed diamond blade you need not match the type of blade with the material being cut. Depending on the manufacturers recommended blade application, vacuum brazed blades will cut a wide variety of material ranging from concrete to masonry, materials like stone and brick, to steel, various irons, even plastic, tile, wood & glass. Always consult your blade manufacturer for a full list of cutting application…

Some additional information of Diamond blades

1) The diamond segment or rim width and heigh: diamond tools segment width and heigh by itself is not a true measure of a tool's value. Other factors also affect the performance of the tools, suchy as

the diamond size, diamond concentration and diamond grade, the hardness of the bond, the cutting power(torque) of the equipment: the segment and slot geometry of the steel core, and how well the

blade specification and best of all the correct choice of the blades is matched to the material being cut.

2) The appearance exposure of the diamond: do not judge only by the appearance exposure, due to the mixing and sharpening process, sometimes a high grades segment looks less quality, and small

diamond size, but in fact it is perfect inside. Bigger diamond size and high concentration do not mean good quality, you should also consider the diamond grade, the bond,etc.

3) High diamond concentration may not be of high performance, which depending on many other factors such as diamond gr…

Diamond blade trouble shooting Guide B

Symptom: Loss of Tension of diamond blade
Cause: the metal bond of Diamond Blade is excessively hard for the material being cut, creating stress on the steel center.
Remedy:Make certain Diamond blade is correct for material being cut.

Diamond Blade Trouble Shooting

Diamond blade problems are  mainly caused by the three reasons as below:
1.Using the wrong diamond blade for the job
2.Using the diamond blade improperly
3.Equipment problems