Flexible Diamond Polishing Pads

RA High Diamond Concentration Phenolic Flexible Wet Pads, style DN. they are used after the Pregnant Diamond Metal-Chip flexible Polishing Pads, MD200# or EMD200# pads, the RA system wet pads with high diamond concentration; never using SiC grinding additives compared the pads on the market. They are designed for a variety of applications and can be used in the fabrication shop and at the jobsite.  They are with the capability for a high glossy degree. We have been making this serial pad from 1993. Owing to our 18 years experience, we assure to supply the finest quality resin flexible polishing pads for our customers. Standard products see below

RA-WET flexible pad,2.2mm thickness

GritLoop Velcro  ColorProduct Number              3"×2.2mm4"×2.2mm5"×2.2mm6"×2.2mm7"×2.2mm400RED

Diamond Concentration for diamond wheel

For different application, we have to make a choice for diamond concentration,for diamond grinding wheel. 100 is equivalent to 4.4 carats per cubic centimeters (0.88 gm/cm³)
Concentration Wt. of DIAMOND/CBN per CC of the Bonding Section 25 con. 1.1 ct/cm3 50 con. 2.2 ct/cm3 75 con.

Vacuum Brazed diamond cutting blades for steel pipe


Vacuum Brazed diamond anchor bit

Vacuum Brazed anchor bits:

These anchor bits are fast cutting through granite or marble. Standard products see below. Other styles and sizes are available on customer's request.

Product Number Descriptiond1d2DL1L2LANB316S316Vacuum Brazed Anchor Bit 3/16",Shank 3/16"3/16"

3 Step Polishing Pads

The 3 Step polishing pads, the latest products, are high density pregnant diamond ceramic-metal chips pads. They are with extra aggressive cutting performance, 1 step pad can do the same work of 2 or 3 steps of traditional pads. Using our 3-Step pad, you will save a lot of time and money!Standard products see below. Other styles and sizes are available on customer's request.

GritLoop Velcro  ColorProduct Number              3"×2.2mm4"×2.2mm5"×2.2mm6"×2.2mm7"×2.2mm1YELLOW3DN2BCUTC1